engine dies sometimes when coming to a stop.

DRZ with Hot Cams stage2 (?), 3x3,stock carb w/ jet kit, 434 BB and FMF Q4, exhaust . Pretty good idle, not to high or to low. Mixture screw isn't very sensitive, but does bring up idle or drop it off at the extremes. Witht he idle mix screw it just doesn't have that sensitive spot, where 2 turns makes a lot of diffence, but idle will drop or or increase by just a bit. Also a little hard to get into neutral while idling at times.


  Problem I'm having is that when coming to a stop the motor will die quite often, not every time but maybe 40% of the stops. At times it will die when taking off from a stop.   I've tried inriching the idle mix screw in thinking that cracking the throttle off idle was causing a lean condition hense the quick die off throttle.


What do I need to look at the fix the problem??


thanks in advance.

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What pilot jet are you using? stock 22.5 or 25?

As for the shifting in neutral, when was your last oil change?


As for dying when coming to a stop, the first thing that comes to my mind is to check your float height in your carb. And by the sounds of how you are describing the mixture screw, it sounds like your pilot jet is to big.

I Would look at throttle cable free play , fuel screw setting , clean carb and check float level .

Idle set at around 1800 RPM .

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