Hydraulic Clutch

So my 09 YZ450 has a hydraulic clutch. I never had one before so can someone give me some insight on the maintenance and care needed to keep it working as good as possible? Does it need to be bled? Oil changed? Adjustment? Etc. any help would be appreciated.

Changing the Magura 'blood' every few years is a good ida as is inspecting the line and system for leaks. That is it


Instead of the Magura 'Blood' you can use high grade mineral oil from a pharmacy. I like the blood because it has some color to make a lak more identifiable. If you choose to buy it, very little is needed.

I installed one on my 06 YZ450 and it is just awesome! I've used it for a year so far and it works flawlessly. I will change the fluid out though at the end of the year.

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