Pilot Jet Stuck

So broke off 1/2 the head of the pilot jet in process of removing...seemed to just snap off.  What are ideas to remove it?  I was going to look for an easy out that might be small enough.  My easy outs are to big.  Drill it out?  Ideas?

1998 YZ250.



Whoa! That's going to be difficult to remove!! Perhaps you will be able to drill it out and use a small ez-out. I guess this would be my next move if it was mine.

Man that's something I've never seen. A jet snapped? I thought I had broken off everything imaginable. I've also never seen an easy out that small. Not sure one is made that tiny. However, I bet you COULD find a left handed drill bit that is that small. It should grip the jet and back it right out without damaging the threads.

Use left handed drill bits and hope for the best.

buy the smallest "easy out" you can find

Take it to a machine shop!

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