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Sold my 2004 KTM 250 EXC with some mods and just bought a 2006 YZ 450F. The egros feel great so far. My ancle is busted up so I didn't ride it much. My goal is to make it a woods bike that's good in the dunes and general play bike.

I know I will have to put some money into it. But I hope a Rekluse (the cheap one) will be enough to tame the motor, maybe a fww as well. I plan on replacing the cam chain and checking valves soon. Also I would like to do a leak down sooner then latter. I will need to relocate the crank case breather as well. It has a bunch of neat nick nak stuff on it. TM chain guides look near new. Remote A/F screw also.

I know some may want to say I should have gotten a WR, but I didn't want the weight. I am just excited to have a new to me bike and hope like hell I don't miss my smoker anytime soon.

So I guess I am saying "Hi!"

I race my own '06 in the SoCal deserts.  The mods other than hand guards and skid plates and such are a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, a GYT-R off-road flywheel, and an IMS tank.  There is also the swap of the 4th and 5th gear out of a WR450 that I just got done with and haven't ridden yet.  And suspension work.


The Rekluse is a huge help.  The flywheel both smooths out the engine when lugging, and helps keep it from flaming out while at the same time actually increasing very low end power at no detectable cost to acceleration whatsoever. 


The WR 4th and 5th create a ratio set 1-4 that is identical to the '03-'05 4 speed, but then, there's another gear on top of that.  The only two things the WR has that I don't is the e-start (which really would be nice) and the ability to run lights.

I will have to see about the trans. I really don't like to go fast. Don't mean to sound like a wimp, but I am. I think 5th gear in my KTM was unused. I do really want to do rekluse, bark busters, skid plate, and maybe fww. Sparky is first on the list. I have an fmf 4.1 and I think I am going to get the quiet insert.

Welcome back, I just came back a few weeks ago.  I seriously doubt you will miss the smoker.  I am/was a die hard smoker but after my 1st 450 ride I wasn't missing the smoker so much.  The torque and power delivery of the 450 is awesome.  You'll love it.  Congrats on your new bike.



I will have to see about the trans. I really don't like to go fast. Don't mean to sound like a wimp, but I am. I think 5th gear in my KTM was unused.



Given that the stock geared YZ450 is capable of exceeding 70 mph in 5th as is, a lot of people would never feel the need to bump the the top speed.  But there are several spots on the race courses we run that are a problem for the stock set up, like a quarter mile of dry lake bed that you hit going about 30 or more.  Just don't like hearing the thing screaming at 9000+ at part throttle for that long at a time.

I am going to guess I will run a larger sprocket on the rear, heck I don't even know what is on there now???  We really don't do much ridding out of 4th gear.  We mainly play in the dunes, and single track, and basically good off. 

I will have to ride it and tune it.  I hope this new bike gets me more motivated to change my priorities (kids) and ride more.  The biggest reason for me to go back to a thumper was my busted up toes could not handle the smoker vibes anymore.

It is apparent to me that this was an x race bike.... holeshot device was a give away.  But it does have a lot of trick stuff on it.  I hope the previous owners were good with maintenance. 

Is there a way to measure cam chain stretch or should I just replace it?

As long as I am going to replace it may as well put a fww on it

I am just super pumped for a new scooter and kind of scared..... of the 450 power..!!??!!

There's not an effective way of measuring the cam chain out that I'm aware of.  They're cheap, and replacing them is cheap insurance. 

Does 12 48 gearing sound ok for trails? I ran 12 52 on my ktm, but I do know thats apples to oranges... err pumpkins. I am also wondering why there is a trail teck wire clump zip tied behind the number plate and the wires out of the flywheel area are aftermarket tape on them. Any clues? Get to ride it this weekend so I guess I will learn a lot about it.

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