Storm damage in northern Baja?

Has anybody been on the trail behind Mikes that goes to Rancho El Coyote lately? Did the storms do much damage in that area? Does anybody know if El Coyote is open?







2 track?



We rode the two track from Mikes east to El Coyote in April on Rip to Cabo and the Baja 500 used most of the areas as well in June


The road from Mikes to the "Simpsons Jct" is rocky but not really any worse than it has been in the past few years IMO. Not a good place for rookies or BIG bikes. Dirt bikers with moderate skill can handle the ruts and rocks but they suck. The rest is also tricky to Coyote including some connectors that weren't there a couple years ago.


The local traffic has found ways to link/connect the two and like I said the 500 did this too.



IF you are asking about leaving Mikes headed west and up the back canyon and connecting back to the route I am speaking of, the long way you could call it. I have not seen or heard of anyone using this route.


I didn't go into Coyote but I have not heard anything has changed and the few times I was by there in 2013 they looked to be up and running but I think you can call them if you search it on line.

I think he is asking about the big rain falls in the last couple of months. Did it do any damage to it. Has anybody been through It in the last 4 or 5 weeks.

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Big storms in northern Baja in the last few months? I am out of touch on that... but I am going to Baja this am for the Baja Rally!

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No storm in north baja.Coyotes still closed as I was there week ago.You can go to rancho Melling BTR

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