What years have the same frames? NEED HELP!?

I was wondering since 2005. What years had the same frame all the way up until 2014?



Anybody know which years the frame was the exact same?

for the 450 - 05-08, then 09-12


there are subtle differences during the years, thus will need subframe for the same year frame and side panels.

02 was a little different than 03-04,mostly sub frame design attachment and exhaust differences,  redesign in 05, 06 the rotated the engine forward, it stayed pretty much unchanged to 08, 09 was FI bike, new everything, 09-12 was basically the same, subtle differences. 

02 was its first breed. After 04 the exhaust changed, frame has some differences, bolt hole patterns, seat ect....

2005-08 are all pretty similar. I have an 07 and bought an 05, so I would always have a working bike. Haha!

My 2002 is the most reliable of them all. I've never had to adjust the valves, always starts 1st kick, (even in freezing temps.)

In 2009 they made another switch with similar components and changes to the frame. It's been that way up till 2012, to my knowledge. Not sure about the most recent models. I'm sure there sick thou ;)

If anyone is looking to buy a meticulously maintained dirt bike or a really sick looking Harley Road King FLHRCI, let me know.

Practically having to give them away :/

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