Is it worth what I'm spending on my yz250?

I purchased a running 2001 yz250z that needed a little TLC for $900. Everything worked on the bike just fine and it was complete. Not even rode for 3 years due to the guy being deployed

I've stripped the bike down to bare frame, powder coated the frame in polish black and bought tons of new parts for the bike. Frame looks awesome

-Motion pro clutch,brake, and throttle cable

-2004 gas tank powder coated polish black

-Acerbis 2012 Shrouds

-Acerbis 2001 rear fender

-UFO 2012 yz250f front fender

-Acerbis 2001 side panels

-Oem 2006 front number plate

-Cdi box

-Pro taper evo fat bars cr high black

-Pro taper metal mulisha handlebar grips

-Pro taper throttle tube

-Some ebay clutch lever perch

-Custom 2012 Black monster graphics

-250 piece bolt kit

-New Gripper seat cover

Total spent so far on mods:-About $800 or so

So I've spent $1700 total for the bike. At what sum of money would you stop at for this particular bike? This will be my competing race bike and should look sick when finished


New rear tire

Chain and sprocket

Powdercoat wheel hubs and wheel

Powdercoat air box

All Fluids

Radiator guards

New wiseco top end

How much would it cost to have someone assemble it back together for me? I'm not too mechanically inclined but can do general stuff.

What do you guys think

It's fun making an old bike appear new again and I trust it looks good now but I would have done these items first then appearance second after you've ridden the bike and decided you like it (or not). 


New rear tire
Chain and sprocket
Radiator guards
New wiseco top end


Prolly $2K is the max you want to put into that bike. 

I'm in the same boat as you, except my $900 wonder is a 2004. Like shrubitup says, I would do all of the important things first, such as chassis bearings, tires, etc before doing to much cosmetics. You stop spending money on it whenever you get it working the way you want it too! Dirtbikes are never a good investment, so don't plan on getting nearly as much out of it as you've put into it. That's just the way it is.P1010002.JPG

Maniac998 is right, motocross bikes are a terrible investment. It is difficult to make any money or even break even financially on them. However, if you take it for what it is and build a machine to have fun on and race you can forget (and need to forget) about the money loss. I've dumped more money into my 05 than I would have liked to AND purchased it for too much but it's so fun to ride I can justify the expenses. Your bike is a "little" behind in the tech department but not by much and that only makes beating the new bikes even better! Good luck with your build and enjoy it and any sum of money spent will be just right.

Powder coat gas tank? Isn't it plastic? I know you can coat anything with the right primer making it conductive and uv cure so you don't put it in the oven, but plastic tanks breathe. It's not going to last before it bubbles.

Spend as much as you feel comfortable with. Look at it like a pay to play.

Bike did have some upgrades such as porting and fmf fatty pipe into a power core 2. I don't see why this bike wouldn't be able to compete I'm races. Being a two stroke, light and nimble.

I figure I can make this bike look better than some of the newer bikes out. Going to look pretty good when everything is done.

Thanks guys

Yz250s haven't changed much, the 2001 yz250 is pretty much the same as the 2012 besides aluminum frame and alittle here and there.


I race two 2001's right now and each year rebuild them back to new. I put about 800 into them every year. This year they both got new top, bottom, 1st gears (one bike was skipping and the other was pretty wore), suspension rebuilds, brake rebuilds, and plastics . I have no room to talk about losing money on bikes, but i would have done the mechanical things first like suspension bearings and top end first then started making her look pretty. You can spend a fortune on bearings alone.

In my eyes absolutely not, Apart of the frame rear and front suspension, engine wise smaller internal bits like porting, compression ratio, carb settings and what ever else.


Nevertheless it needs some years of hard core training to find out that those changes have their value.

Well no matter what the things I got had to be done, I may skip on powder coating the rims and stuff like that. Ill just stick to new chain and sprocket,new rear tire and polish those rims. Don't the top end needs to be even rebuilt as of now. As long as I can compete with my 01 yz250 I will be happy. Maybe 2 stroke series?

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OP, It seems like you intended to load up that bike with new and maybe unnecessary parts, THEN ask if you were going too far.  A lot of the things you bought weren't really necessary to ride the bike like the  fenders, monster graphics, etc.  But there's nothing wrong with that!  As someone said, MX bikes are a poor investment but if that's the way you want your project to progress, more power to ya!  Don't worry about the money because you won't like the numbers.  We all go thru that to some extent.  Just have fun.

Its worth every penny when your riding it : )

Who cares what you spend, it's about what it's worth to you.  If you feel good about what you're doing to the bike and plan to keep it for a while it's worth it. 


btw, how are you going to powdercoat the airbox?  Aren't they plastic that year?

I still would like to know how/why you powder coated the gas tank????


In the long run plastics are  cheap.  One bike i built i used the plastics on it and put new graphics on.  The next bike i spent the $150 and got all new plastics.  It doesn't matter what you spend as long as you enjoy it and don't expect it to appreciate or get your money back.  If you buy a $2000 bike and put $6000 into it, its stll a $2000 bike.


BUT, it doesnt matter how good your bike looks if you can't ride it:) 

You use a low heat powder

Post a pic of the tank,I would really like to see how that turned out.Mx bike's need a lot of attention and to keep them up to par you have to spend the money,gotta pay to play.

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Who cares what you spend, it's about what it's worth to you.  If you feel good about what you're doing to the bike and plan to keep it for a while it's worth it. 



Exactly. We bought a perfectly running 1999 YZ 125 for $400. We dumped a bunch of cash into it from Powder coating, Zinc coating the bolts, new cables, Bearings, shocks

rebuilt, bars, plastics, FMF pipe and silencer,  etc. We wanted a nice bike, but didn't want to pay for a new one. Easy and cheap to make a good old runner nice again.

Almost every winter I pick up a basket case bike to work on thru the long winters. Last years was a 2001 WR250f, that I picked up for $100!!!!

(You know it needed tons of work for that kind of price!)

As long as your having fun that's what it's all about. Myself I'm not into looks. I keep all my bikes 100 percent mechanically sound and over maintain them but don't do the plastic kits and powder coating and all that. With the woods riding I do everything gets destroyed anyways.

I would fix everything mechanically first before you spend any more money on looks. You may go to do the top end and notice the crank has excessive play-But you blew your budget on looks

I just recently acquired an 02 yz250 through a sale/trade under the premise it only needed a top end and swingarm bearings. It ended up needing pretty much everything short of some plastic, the frame, and the wheels. It's really just a lot of TLC and consumable parts, but I was determined to get the thing up to my level of performance and reliability. Even with the money I put into it (Prob about $1500) I feel I can ABOUT break even to the right seller. That wasn't my primary concern though. I wanted to get the damn thing running so I could have fun on it. I thought of it as rescuing a dog that had been beaten its whole life. This bike is nothing like when I got it. It's fresh all over and makes me feel good.


There's still some things that need to get done, but its a work in progress. I don't care that it is a decade old bike or that it doesn't have an aluminum frame or slightly higher/lower compression that shaves a second off your lap time. It's my bike, I built it myself, and I enjoy it. If you're worried about putting too much money into something that's gonna be raced, you're setting yourself up for disaster. And why you powdering anything besides the frame anyways? Seems like a waste of time/money to me. 


I did the essentials to get my bike running: Replate, Top/Bottom end, Sprockets/Chain, Carb rebuild, Spark plug, Bearings, and some miscellaneous. Everything else I got on the cheap on ebay like almost brand new OEM plastics, airbox, and a whole new bolt kit. Don't spend your time looking for aftermarket "mods". Just get it running and see if you can hang on to it at WOT. I know I can't. 

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