new to me 03 WR450 not charging

I have a dual sported 2003 WR450 i bought as a basketcase. I had help with a replacing a few gears, freshened up jug, rings etc... all new parts done by a very experienced Yamaha buddy.  It starts and runs perfectly till the battery runs down then pops, and eventually stalls.  Starter button clicks but no go.  SOMETIMES it will start by kicking.  A new battery made it last longer but still had the same result.  


So I test the terminals at the battery and it is not charging.  It goes from 13.4 off the trickle charger to 12.4-ish.  Only tested at idle and these #s are approx as it was last week when I last had time to check it out.  


Next steps?  


It has a Baja Designs Kit for switches etc. so I assume the stator is "floated" which I learned from searching here.  I have the Yami manual but am unsure what to test next or what #s to look for with BD up in the mix.  


Suggestions appreciated.    



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my 04 was doing that, the fuse under the seat was blown, not sure if yours is but its place to start.

I checked em but I'll recheck.


Mine wasn't charging the battery and it was a bad regulator/rectifier.

I had put my bike back together with a BD floated ground stator and their stupid regulator. Couldnt figure it out before leaving on the vaction I planned on bringing my bike to. I got a new regulator and it charges now. But high speed riding makes the bike start to act like the battery is dieing. Turn the lights off and its fine. Im ready to put my bike out for big garbage pick up.

Cant blame the bike. It was fine before I started screwing with the stator. I just had to fix something that wasnt broken. 

Does your bike have a stock regulator on it or an after market part?

The stock one looks to have fins on it and cast from aluminum

I added a Ricky stator to mybike at the same time as the regulator.

My regulator tested bad when on the bike. And for $50 or so more than just a regulator i bought the Ricky stator regulator and stator.

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