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GPI Radiators Impressions

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So I just fitted a pair of 'GPI' radiators on my 09. A pair cost only $85 shipped. They are TIG welded, polished, and have a reinforcing frame around the perimeter. They look really good in person, and while fit isn't 100%, more of a 95 [no filing, just a bit of pressure required to align all mounting points) 

I have to give them credit for doing a really good job. These are just plain better than the factory rads. They are increased capacity, and I'm looking forward to measuring running temps to compare, but the real surprise to me is the WEIGHT SAVINGS. Yup. I was sure when I ordered them we'd be picking up a few odd ounces, what with the thicker perimeter, deeper core, etc. But the scale told a different story... 





Total: 1391.5





Total: 1149.7


241.8 g savings. 


Too bad it'll only help with dry weight!

So, I don't have a scale big enough to measure the bike total, but I'd speculate that due to the increased coolant capacity, the weight savings are near or fully cancelled, but that's like  weight free extra cooling capacity.  But the radiators are obviously higher quality units compared to the  very thin cast and stamped parts on the stockers with very little rigidity. I don't think I'll need to run braces with these btw. Also, my plastic guards do line up with the hole pattern on them, save one omitted tab. 


As for fitment,  all hose connections were in the same location, the lower outlet on the R side does angle a bit closer to the header than stock, leaving the hose vulnerable but loosening the header and bringing it up just a few degrees opens up the gap. 





2013-09-24 13.35.00.jpg

2013-09-29 15.00.38.jpg

2013-09-29 15.00.47.jpg

2013-09-29 15.00.54.jpg

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