help please! :)

my friend is thinking about getting a bike and I'm going to help her! she's 14 and about 5'5. I'm guessing she'd be about 45-50 kilograms. She has no experience so I was thinking maybe a KTM 65 or a CR85.. thoughts?

XR 80/100, KLX 110, TTR 125. All 4t's all easy as hell to ride. All low maintenance.

With no experience, do NOT go with CR85, KX85, YZ85, RM85, KTM 85,  KX100 etc.  Great bikes as step up bikes for aggressive riders but not beginner friendly. KX65, KTM 65...same thing, but those are too small for her.


I would add DRZ125L, KLX140L, CRF100F (same as XR100) to the list of good beginner bikes.  I think the XR80/CRF80F and KLX110 are going to be too small for someone 5'5".  The goal is to get the largest possible wheel size while still having enough suspension and the beginner rider being able to comfortably touch the ground to hold up the bike (including on uneven ground).  The smaller wheels on the XR80/ KLX110, TTR110 etc are more difficult to get over obstacles than the larger wheeled bikes.  Think razor scooter....those tiny wheels send you over the handlebars any time you hit very small obstacles...same concept appllies to motorcycles.

get a trail bike crf/xr100  or ttr125 or klz 125 or klx110 or crf80 or crf110 or drz125 or drz110 or ttr110

I wouldn't go for the 110s, they're the size of honda's xr70r. A 125 4t, or xr100 would be good. Maybe even an xr200, if shes confident, but they're a bit heavy.

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