Need help with a noise in my motor

While trail riding last weekend my bike began to make a horrendous chattering noise. Thought it may have been a roached chain.....changed out chain and sprockets.....the noise is still there. In first and second gear it runs fine/ no noise. 3rd gear the chatter is bad! Didn't get it in 4/5th but I was not accelerating either. It's getting torn down for sure but I'm looking for input for what to expect. My right side main bearing hole in the case is it spinning the bearing in the case? Ideas appreciated!

Main bearings should NEVER feel loose.  If that play is in the bearing, that's at least part of your problem.  Hopefully, it isn't the case but I don't hear about that too often.  You've got some dis-assembly to do.  Obviously, check top end too.  Maybe it's just time to do a top end too?

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