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46 year old slow rider....coming off severely broken right foot in the spring.  Miss riding with kids so much and sold my bikes in summer...


Want 450...Can get a mint used KTM450SX 2013 or a new 2013 YZ450F for about the same price locally here...


The right foot is pretty good these days but not sure how excited I am about kicking over the YZ450 particularly if it is a "hard to start" one lol...


My question really pertains to how hard the 2013 YZ450 is to start and I know I ask that question at the risk of sounding like a &%$#@! lol but you really needed to see the 14 rods in my foot to appreciate the concern.


The Estart on the KTM is obviously a big factor but I generally am not keen on buying used bikes....


Txs in advance

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Hmm I would definitely go with something w/the e-start. Definitely wanna be as easy as you can on your foot and not put it threw anymore trama..

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