I'm stumped!

Ladies and gentleman,

Ever since I bought my 05 crf250r the clutch has been dragging. it doesn't do this when i first start riding, only after it has been ridden for about 5-10 mins. When I pull in the clutch lever and put it into gear it feels like it wants to move. I've adjusted it six ways to Sunday and nothing... Now its time for a rebuild so I've just taken a look at the clutch now. Basket is in good condition. No real major grooves. Clutch fibers all have plenty of meat on them. No warped plates. Can anybody help me?? Thanks


Notched basket...

Actuator arm is worn and not disengaging the clutch properly? I've had that issue with Kawasakis, no Hondas though.

No, basket is fine. Hardly notched at all.

ant notching will cause drag could be a broken or  warped plate tooo

Really? Cus my bike is dragging like crazy. I didn't see any warping, glazing, or discoloration to indicate that they are broken or worn. I will post pics this weekend if I get a chance

The first thing I would have done is replaced the clutch cable.  A new cable fix a lot of clutch problems, plus a new cable feels so good.  As far as the parts you got torn off the bike, get a new clutch set or if your happy with the old ones slap it back in.

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