Seat fitment (2007 fit a 2009)?

Just looking for a spare seat and I found a 2007 and a 2008 450 XCF. Need it to fit my 2009 450 XCF. Looked up part numbers and they are different from  my 2009. Will they still fit? 

I didn't think there was any diff in the 2007-2011 year but you never know? The part number different could be something as simple as a slightly different foam used to a different nylon/plastic in the foam base. 


If you know for sure the seats will interchange please let me know. 

Further research indicates the 2008 seat will fit but the 2007 fit will only fit IF it's a 450 SXF model. Hopefully this helps someone else. 


2007 450 SXF was the only new generation KTM.

2008 the new 450 XCF was born based on it, and died 2009. 

These used the same seat pan.

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