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2013 DRZ-400S Performance Parts

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm just looking to get a little insight as to what to do performance wise for my DRZ. I bought it brand new back in April 2013 and I'm wanting to do a little work to it for added torque and power.


Being a new bike, there isn't much out there for it. I see a couple exhaust systems, a couple slip-on pipes and some air filters but that's about it. I also have a 2006 Suzuki LTZ-400 Quadsport and by what I understand, a lot of the internal engine parts are interchangable.


I would like to stay mild on the mods for now, so basically just exhaust system, cams, air intake and other "not-too-serious" parts.


Also, since there is a lack of selection for such a new bike, I was wondering what parts from other years would bolt right up to the 2013. Would an exhaust for a 2009-2011 DRZ-400S bolt right up to the 2013? Is there any SM parts that would bolt up directly to my S model? Would Stage 1 Hot Cams out of an LTZ-400 or cams out of a DRZ-400E fit in my bike? Is there any CDI box options for the DRZ like on the LTZ quads?


I'm currently looking into an FMF Q4 Slip-On pipe and FMF Powerbomb header but that's about all I can find right now that would boost my horsepower.


Thanks for helping me out. Like I said, I'm all new to this and just want to make sure things are done right so I don't have any problems down the road. Any replies are greatly appreciated!

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Skip the slip on all it does is make noise. The best bang for your buck would be MRD/SSW, 39mm FCR/MX, and hot cams. The LTZ hotcams should work, just cross reference part numbers.

Don't forget the 3x3 mod if you havent done that yet.

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Theres tons of parts available for your 13,   any year SM parts or S will botl right on,  meaing exhaust system, cams,  etc


Forget the FMF,  get a full MRD/SSW exhaust system,  Hot Cams,   and if you can afford it,  a FCR MX-39 carb, and BBK,  thats about $1600 bucks right there,  but you will go from about 32HP to 48-50 HP.

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Any year drz will work, they are all the same. Check the FAQ in this section, read every single article. Do all the loctite fixes.

I'll give you the quick rundown on the go-fast parts.

1. Do the 3x3 mod in the FAQ.

2. Skip fmf all together, go with the MRD/SSW. Dyno proven to be the best pipe out there for the drz. Don't settle for anything less.

3. Get an FCR carb. TT sells a kit with everything you need in the parts store. Expensive but greatly improves throttle response.

4. You can go with HotCams, but first I would search for someone selling used cams from an 'E' model drz. Basically the same as the hot cams and much cheaper usually. Just do the intake if you want more low end, do both if you wanna do the big bore.

5. Cylinderworks 434cc big bore. When you get to this stage usually recommend replacing oem 2 peice valves with the ssw valves and ape springs. If your bike is brand new you can get away with reusing the head but ymmv. Also use a single-layer base gasket from an E model to bump compression up to 12.2:1. Runs on 91 pump gas fine.

After all these mods you should be expecting about a 15hp gain with a proper tune. This is still considered to be just as reliable as stock if you don't cut corners. Stroker cranks pack a punch but you end up needing a 41mm fcr instead of the usual 39mm, plus oversize valves and such and the reliability starts to decline. I would love to ride a 485 though.

99.9% of drz parts are interchangeable between all models and years of drz, with some exceptions. SM wheels bolt right on if you're interested in going that route. You will need a speedo drive gear from an SM or your speedo will be inaccurate due to the different wheel diameters

I believe yoshi does have an aftermarket CDI that raises the rev limit but I wouldn't advise it.

Some people jumped in here while I was typing so sorry for regurgitating info at you

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Did you get the point where your sparkly new-age 2013 is IDENTICAL to my chewed 2003 S model?

The good thing is we've beat the ground down for you and there is a great pool of advice re what works and what doesn't.


The DRZ is a very nice bike, economical, reliable and adaptable as heck!

If budget is an issue, get the jet kit, do the 3x3 and consider a pipe. The MRD is LOUD, as is my Jardine. The jet kit will wake the bike up, improve throttle response quite noticeably. You can avoid the $65 jet kit only if you're willing to spend $600 on the FCR.


Enjoy your new bike!

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the best cheapest mod will be the 3x3 mod and a adjustable jet kit for the carb. A must do IMHO, case covers too!!! These would be the bare minimum for a DRZ!

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