Where to buy WR450 08 black rear fender

Ive searched all over and found plastic kits for the wr 450 in black but they come with an mx fender so no mounts for the stock lights and I really dont want to drill holes. If anyone knows where I can get a black rear fender with tail light mounts for a aluminum frame wr it would be much appreciated.

Last resort is painting them but id rather just buy one! 


Polisport sells a black fender. See this ad from Amazon: 07-11 YAMAHA WR450F: Polisport Rear Fender (BLACK)


Amazon.com: 07-11 YAMAHA WR450F: Polisport Rear Fender (BLACK): ... Rear Fender with a perfect O.E.M.. Fits: YAMAHA WR250F 07-13, WR450F 07-11 ...

Thanks for the reply. I think thats the MX fender as the one that comes with the polisport kit is? I have sent them an email so we will see! Many Thanks

have got in contact with polisport and it does indeed come with the mounts! Thanks a lot for the reply here is the email for reference:

Dear Rory,


All our Enduro fenders are prepared for receiving the tail light. They are different from the MX  version.


Thank you.

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