for all you studs

My boy snapped the axel holder stud off of a 1994 yz250. The four small studs on the lower front fork.   I see the studs listed for a WR250 and yz125 but not for the 250.


Are they pressed in, screwed in, or something else?


thank you.

They are bolt threaded. You use a closed end nut to twist them in make sure to use thread lock. You will have to use a die and tap kit to get the broken one out. Your best bet is order direct from your nearest Yamaha Dealer for replacement part.


That is what I had to do for a friends. I had checked Motorsports, bike bandit, and rocky-mountain under OEM parts and found no part number listed on schematic. It shows studs just no part number if I remember correctly.

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Thank you


wiggled, not torqued it lose.  Then just put a bolt in for now.    

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