Rimrock GP-White Pass closed indefinitely


Looks like they'll have one lane open tomorrow!

Looks like there will be one way traffic starting at 3pm today.  That is from the WDOT website.

I would think that I-90 would be the quickest for anybody coming from the north.

With the washout closure...from north of Seattle for sure.   Olympia/Tacoma it is about break even.


Yet, I somehow always beat the speed averages on those back country highways. :D  Plus I do the I-90 drive enough I don't mind the less traveled routes at times. 


Wonder how bad the back up would be with one lane open?

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Straight away speeds there I am sure someone got the helicopter ride back.....

Straight away speeds there I am sure someone got the helicopter ride back.....


Fortunately, the helicopter was not utilized yesterday.   :ride:

Nice photos!

Thanks!  It was a great day.  Were you out there racing? 

You had a good race!  Rimrock was my first race this year and I am finally not sore...

Rimrock has always been my favorite race.  We just got back into racing after taking several years off and I've been having a blast!!  I was pretty sore for a few days too.  It's challenging to push hard at those speeds for that long.  But totally fun!

I got the undeniable pleasure of watching everyone drive by... Was at the one lane portion of 12 early Sunday to work on the 100 ton crane there. Talked to the operator Saturday late afternoon, sounded to be an easy fix so I loaded the bike and all my gear hoping to make the event. Unfortunately Mr Owner showed up Saturday evening and in the process of trying to fix his crane, unplugged several computer modules while powered up. Took about 6 hours to repair his damage, then on to the original problem, just in time to watch most of you drive by again, obviously in the other direction. Glad to hear everyone had a good time anyway.

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