I saw a posting for a 2005 klx for $300.00. Post was 20 minutes old, the guy said his phone had been ringing off the hook first one to his house with the money could have it. So I sent my sister and she made it needs a new top end but otherwise pristine. I almost feel guilty. I think I am going to fix it for a chrstmas gift for the kiddos, but i'm not going to lie I am looking foreward to riding it. Will post pics when I can.

klx110?  you lucky bastard i wish i could find deals like that

yes klx110

Wow that's a sweet deal. A friend of mine picked up a 155 stroker for $200 because it was down to the bolt in pieces. Put it all together and started first kick, didn't burn oil or anything either!

sweet , let the modding begin ...

first thing is an engine cradle. The guy took the bike to the shop and they gave him a list of things they would replace durring the top end rebuild. One of the items was a piston and it is listed as such.


piston-engine L, O/S


Is this a larger than stock piston? If so can I simply place this in the cylinder whithout boring it?

Should I just order a stock sized piston and a new cylinder?

Should I replace the timing chain?


Thanks for any input

i would get the cylinder checked to see if its still in spec.   you might be able to just get away with a new stock size piston and rings .  

So many people put big bore kits on, theres gotta be a zillion used top ends out there in new condition.

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