Carb help please,

08 450 RFS with 189 miles.

It will only run with choke on!

Things I've tried, cleaned carb and replaced pilot jet .

No help

Lowered needle one slot.

No help

Ran it down the road for 4 miles.

No help

Any suggestions :0(

My dealer would suggest to clean it AGAIN.


He would guess you have algae in there, nearly invisible to the eye but ..


I had a Honda generator that would not run unless choke was out.   Cleaned it and now will run with partial choke..    Have to do it again although I haven't yet.   

 Some background woud be helpfull. Did you mess with the carb beforehand?

Never touched it, just figured it sat to long this summer.

Guess I'm going to clean it again.

Stabil now or clean me later

Maybee something wonky with the fuel screw. Did you replace the pilot jet with a new one or used?

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1 . Check idling screws (both, one can it got out and lost, at me so was)

2 . Measure a compression

3 . Very dense garbage in the channel of a fuel mix of idling, try to blow the compressor, and look at the air filter

Miracles don't happen. :thumbsup:

Pilot jet was clogged again, used guitar string to clean out and went through carb again. No more problems.

Rode great over the weekend!

Meet a guy on a 525 rr (expert class)

He loved the bike. I like his mud mod I'm gonna copy!


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381074324.955279.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381074343.199152.jpg

I have not had a plugged pilot in over a decade, seriously, use 2 oz of stabil per 5 gallons of gas, I also add a splash of water remover and a 1/4 bottle of carb cleaner to every 5 gallon container.

Will do!

No one to blame but myself.

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