Crankcase breather tube leak after ride?

I have a pretty much stock 89 cr250 2 stroke. It never has leaked crankcase oil from anywhere before. I went out for a 10 min ride today for the first time, got back, then went inside to get a drink and came back out and there was about 4 drops of case oil under my bike. It sat for about 3 days prior, and wasn't leaking. 
It only started to leak after i rode it. The oil is coming out of the end of the crankcase breather tube on the top of the crankcase. (Not sure if it's a breather tube or an overflow...). Please someone help! Going riding this weekend and this won't cut it.



I am holding the tube in the picture.


The only cause I can think of to make oil come out would be pressure or over filled crankcase. The pressure could be caused by a center gasket leak I guess. The pressure from the crank area pushing into the tranny through a leak.

Have you solved this problem? I am curious to know!

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