Need a GASGAS (Hebo) clutch lever

I have a Hebo Hydro clutch on my Husky WR250.  It is the "Universal" kit AJP sold around 2002-2004.

I believe it is the same as the clutch on the Gas GAS TXT270 trials bike and probably newer models and the Sherco as well.  WAAAAY better than a Magura by the way.


Anyway, I need a clutch lever pivot bolt and bushings for the lever which are worn.


Where can I get these parts in the U.S.


is still supplying GasGAS parts?  What about the Sherco guys?




Try maybe??? They're the Gas Gas parts distributor/importer for the U.S.. I don't lnow if you can buy directly from them, but maybe they can help you with what model year of bolt & bushings you need (I'd bet something like 2002-present would work), and then tell you where you can order through......


Hope this helps, and Good Luck!


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