I have a problem :/

Hi guys,

Unfortunately some bad things happened :(

Yesterday I decided to change my motorcycle oil, by the way it was my first time..

Anyway after watching many oil chancing video, I felt I could do..

Everything was great, then I saw this drain plug (first photo) there was some oil near it.

I cleaned and I tried to compress little bit but then It broken :( and some look like oil leaked :s

I ordered that drain plug, it will come 5 days later :'(

I don't know what is this drain plug about and what I'm gonna do :s

I didn't change my oil also I'm waiting this thing comes..

If u guys can help, I'll be thankful..

Thank you very much,

Best regards.


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Those banjo bolts break all the time due to over-torquing. No big deal replace it and don't tighten it so much this time. Also replace the copper washers or it will leak.

Lucky didnt snapped off with thread still in. Should of orderd from dealer comes within 1 day? Maybe abit more but who cares

The banjo bolt only needs to be removed if you are inspecting/cleaning the screen in the frame.  There is a drain plug at the frame down tube and another drain plug on the bottom of the motor for the typical oil change.  Unless there is an excessive metal built up on the magnetic drain plug (potential BIG problem), I only inspect/clean the frame screen every 5 or 6 oil changes (6K to 7K miles).


(Note to self... Having a spare banjo bolt in the tool box is probably not a bad idea...)

Thank u very much guys.. :)

So If I understood, when I receive banjo bolt, I'm just gonna affix it right?

That leak was motorcycle oil(?), when I affix all item then I'm just gonna put the motorcycle oil..

That's it right?

don't forget to order new crush washers (2)

with the new banjo bolt.they were probably the

reason for the leak to begin with.

as said by radtech. that is not the frame drain plug.

it's further up the frame.

while you have that hose off pull the screen out and inspect/clean it.

it's the big nut with nipple the other end of the

hose with clamp was attached to.

good luck,


It was just motor oil. That line runs from the tank on the tank in the frame to the motor. Replace the banjo bolt, and both crush washers, and finish your oil change.

Thank u sooooo much guys :)

I'm feeling good right now ;)

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