Suzuki RM80 1979 project

Hello all,

I am a newbee on this forum as well on restauration of motorcylces.
So this going to be my first project.

i just bought myself a RM80 for €125,00 ($169)
And was told the bike is modelyear 1979, i am still checking if it is.
What i seen is that the differences between 1977 to 1979 is not that big.

About the rear swingarm, i now that is not original.

I will add some pictures and like to keep up here when i have done any changes.










Kind regards from the netherlands.



Looks like 79 tank and side covers. Motor should be black, looks non original. Frame should say rm80n on neck if its a79.

Looks like 79 tank and side covers. Motor should be black, looks non original. Frame should say rm80n on neck if its a79.


Thankx ickfinger, now you mention the motor. it looks non original to me to  :banghead:  thats bad.

the carburator looks very small as well now i compare it with other RM80 pictures.

I had the intention to restore it complete. If the motor and rear swing arm are not original, then im not sure what to do with it.


I already started the project.


what you suggest.


ps: sorry about my english sometimes

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Restore it as a rider, paint the engine black, buy aftermarket plastic and stickers and enjoy. If it is a non RM motor, it will be a lot easier for anyone to ride. Either way, it's still a cool looking bike and enough of it is still there to enjoy once its sorted cosmetically! On the engine ID, it should say what motor it is. Im guessing a TS/TM 75. The cylinder will be stamped with displacement at base.

I believe those motors where also ran on the ds80 throughout its lifetime. This could explain the color difference and smaller carb. Looks like a very fun bike can't wait to see it done.

Well i think i wil restore it.

I think the engine is from a TS50

Then it will not have much power.

In the netherlands you can drive a 50cc motorcycle on the road when your 16 years off age. Think i have to make it a bit faster then.

I started to derust the tank. It was full of dirt. Here some pictures.





Well thats a shame its not a bigger motor. 50cc is a little small to haul around a 140lb bike and rider. A DS/JR 80 motor should slip right in though, cheap too.........................

I searchednfir the ds80 and jr80 on the internet. But in holland they are very rare.

I checked the cilinder and it is 49cc.

Thats really small. There are cilinder conversion kits for this engine. But maximum would be 70cc. Then i have to change the carburater as well.

So maybe other suggestions what engine will fit in my poor rm80

Thnx again.

Whats the size/weight of the intended rider?

The bike has no intended driver yet.

Just restoring it as a hobby.

But would for a 12 year old kid i think.

unfortunately, 12 y/o have much more balls than brains, so it wouldnt be entertaining for long.................keep your eye out for a 80cc engine.

I will. Was Just looking at the engine and ut looks like a part of the engine number is machined out.

Maybe its a stolen engine or they would not wanted to see that its a 49cc.

Also i have my doubt about the front end if that is original.




a thief would make sure all numbers were gone, not just the first few. Thats pure deception of motor model.

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Yes i found a new engine.:rolleyes:

It is from 1980 and the rest came with it.


Now thats more like it! Plenty of used plastics on ebay to bring her closer to stock. Even new vacuum formed stuff available in kit form for around $200US

I had a little spare time last night.

So i took the engine out.

Seems like all outgoing axels are broken and welded.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513554.561604.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513573.094856.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513585.595954.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513597.632406.jpg

Looks like it'll be a nice project

I had a little spare time last night.

So i took the engine out.

Seems like all outgoing axels are broken and welded.

I will first search the net for some good ones.

attachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513554.561604.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513573.094856.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513585.595954.jpgattachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1391513597.632406.jpg

Not to laugh @ your misfortune, but thats some funny "redneck" type fixes. Engine mount rounded, etc. Pennywise, pound foolish repair with no concern for future inconveinience. It would take no more know how to fix it properly!

Well its a misser, thats for sure.

I think i can fix it. With new parts and hope not to much money.

What did you see with the rounded engine mount. Thats something i missed i think. Can you explain.

At least it beats a flat head pull start Chinese lawn mower engine conversion! I've seen those for sale...

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