kxf 250 / 450 coupler differance?

Hey folks, well i had a 2012 kxf 450, and now had a 2013 kxf 250 for awhile, and got a heap of couplers but some how they all got mixed together, and they all look the same, just wondering how do i tell wich ones are wich?? or do they do the same thing?

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green is stock, white is aggresive and black is mellow  on both the 250's and 450's (wiring is the same)

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The couplers are just jumpers to different maps in the ecu, can't imagine the 250&450 are different. But not certain

thanks folks, the next step was just gunna test them out to see any differances

If you got a white one spare I'll buy it off you I've lost mine for my 250f 13

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