What are you guys doing to your bikes this winter?

Just wondering what kind of upgrades you guys will be doing to your bikes over the winter!

I'll be riding it.

I'll be fitting a full lighting kit on mine so I can ride in the pitch black snowy nights!

I'll be riding it.

Same here. Winter frees up a lot of trail, as most are fair weather riders.

I'm looking at picking up a 125 and doing a build over winter. The money just isn't there right now but it may be possible in the very near future.

im looking at new pegs, timing covers and a GYTR MX flywheel. Finally throw a new rear tire on and hope i get to ride more next season than this one.

I will be riding. Winter in CA means no dust!!! Now we just need it to actually rain a little....

Throwing a Timbersled snow bike kit on and shredding the powder up here in Canada... Eh!

Geez I feel bad even posting this since I live in Florida, RIDING THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!!

riding here... 


I have plans for a big bore kit, maybe a rekluse and other minor maintenance but I wouldn't start any of that tell I get into Dec and no other riding is going on. plus a full rebuild doesn't take me months to do... I can stripe my bike and put it back together with new parts in a week. my bike is apart this week for chain/sprockets and chain guides... I will be riding it next weekend because I have to work all this weekend

gonna do a top and bottom end rebuild.  rebuild my front forks   thats all for now.  maybe get the suspension revalved

Riding! We do most of our riding in the fall and winter around here. Spring is usually too wet...

Summer is miserably humid, and I hate sweating profusely while I gear up! Helps that our winters aren't too terribly cold. We do get a few cold snaps, but other than that...fairly mild.

Riding it :smirk: 


That's why I have studded tires.


Does need a top-end soonish though.  Good chance to go through and clean everything up too.

Probably send my suspension to Racetech for different springs and revalve.

Just wondering what kind of upgrades you guys will be doing to your bikes over the winter!


I'll be riding it.


Yeah sux to live in WY during the winter.  Tomorrow I'll be riding Cross Bar, OK then heading out to Gilmer, TX on Sunday to prepare for a race.  Riding season is done for you up north, it's just starting in Texass!!

Mine's getting:


-Timbersled Mountain horse

-Skid Plate

-Trail Tech Vapor


-Dobeck Gen4AFR+

-Cycra Hand guards

-FMF Exhaust

-Rekluse Core EXP


Might throw some heated grips on there also.  Also considering a Cyclops light bar.

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Letting it sit. :(  360 miles away at the moment and no way to have a bike here. Might have three or four weeks from now til May when I go back home to ride.

Check valves, new tire, grips, and a few little things like that. Ive got about 6 hours on my new bike. THINKING about going white with my yz250f. Not sure yet. Might wait until next winter (most likely the winter before I go B class, thats my goal) to do it.

Riding it

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