Cr250 HELP

I have a 98 cr250 that I recently bought. It runs great but the forks are leaking, I have been riding all my life but have never rebuilt forks, how hard is it really..... Tools needed, ext.


Check out the videos at Really not that difficult.

Try and find someone in your area that has done it before to show you the ropes. It is not that hard to do if you watch the videos but there are some special tools that are highly recommended. Not that you can't do it without the proper tools, but you are more likely to get it right without damaging the forks when you use them.

As the others have said the videos are great and even better if you have someone to teach you. It's not that hard really but there is a few bits where its good to have some reference to go back to.


I will say that I think its really important make sure your hands and the work area is really clean all the way through. You cant work too clean.




Best of luck

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