Will an 06-09 CRF250R Dr D Exhaust fit my 2007 CRF250X

I found a 06-09 CRF 250R Dubach DRD exhaust system for a good deal, and was wondering if it will fit my 2007 CRF250X. The DRD system is not Dual Exhaust, it's a single header and can. Here is a pic of the one I am looking at:




Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't want to buy something that won't fit.




Not without some mods made to the mounts. The mounting points on the subframe are located different on the 06-09 R vs the 04-13 X. If it were intended for the 04-05 R then it would be a direct swap onto the X.

I think I remember someone else doing this but not on this forum.  Don't quote me, but at chopper said, the mounting points are off.  I do believe the R subframe will fit the X frame and give you the correct mounting points and location. 


Is the Dr. D the single or dual exhaust?  If its a single, it may work.  But if its a dual, I don;t recall anyone doing that.

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