Femur complications

Does anyone still have complications after a broken femur.... I use stairs Alot at work and I stay in a bit of pain....mainly right above the knee

I broke mine pretty badly when I was 15, doctor said I was very close to tearing the artery. They put a big plate and 7 screws in but once I was healed it just didn't feel normal. Was sore and hurt randomly and so they took the plate out and since then its been better. I was told biking on machine or road bike is a good excersize for that injury

Post the recent X-ray.

Broke mine pretty bad back in 93 when I was 21. Had the rod insert from hip to knee with screws top and bottom. 20 years on, I have no pain whatsoever. I run a few times a week and apart from the nice scar on my hip and small incisions on the outside of my knee, I feel like I have never broken it. I am luck, I would say.

ive broken mine twice now, same femur. took the first rod out but have left the second rod in since 2006. i used to have a bit of knee 'clicking' and soreness before i started working out and exercising. best advice is to jog/bike either on machines or outside and to stretch your knee as much as possible. i do occasionally still have slight pains or soreness either in my hip or knee but hardly any. 

Of coarse you should post recent x-ray like Dr. Mark asked, but also see my recent post. I've started having similar pains..

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