Help With Talon Hubs...

I recently bought a used set used rims for my bike. Black Excel Takasago Rims with Anodized red talon hubs. I was told they would fit my bike. Well, I tried to install the front wheel tonight and I find that the spacer on the brake/rotor side is thinner than the original spacer and now there is a gap between the fork leg and the seal collar. I thought I could fix it easily by just taking the left side seal collar off the factory rim and put it on the Talon hub... Nope. The Talon hub uses some type of integral bearing & seal holder and it is a solid 1 piece arrangement passing all the way through the center of the hub. For those of you who have never seen this let me explain how it works. On a factory rim the bearings are pressed directly into the hub, then the seal is pressed in, then a seal collar is inserted, then the axle passes through. On the Talons, there is a complete bearing & seal holder that the bearings are pressed onto that passes through the center of the actual hub..


So... I need that integral seal & bearing piece for a 2001 CR250R.. The integral hub on the Talons I have right now has a number on it like this:

CR-69-20.. Can anyone tell me where I can order the correct internal hub so I can mate these rims with my bike?


Thanks in advance!



The 01 uses a diff spacer than the 02+

In order to use the hub you need the correct size talon wheel spacers and coeect oem axle..

Chill, do you know where I can purchase the Talon wheel spacers?  When you say correct OEM axle, can't I just re-use my existing '01 axle?  My current axle is the correct diameter as it fits perfectly through the Talon hub.. I just need a thicker seal collar, or spacer, on the left side closest to the brake rotor. 


The guy was very certain that the wheels would interchange. I think he had them on a 2005 CRF250R bike. If I can just buy the wheel spacers for a 250r and they will work, I'll do that. Otherwise, I'll buy an extra spacer (long one) for my bike and have a machinist cut it down the proper width and then just run it that way.


What a pain.. Had I known I'd have simply spent the extra money on brand new, made to fit, wheels & hubs..

Tucker Rocky carries Talon.. Most local shops use tucker rocky... Or maybe look online..

So yeah I think you just need a pair of 01 wheel spacers...

Iv changed out 01 and 02 suspension and wheels, the hubs are the same. The fork lugs, axle and spacers is what changes.

Also the crf 250 uses a 1.85 rear rim while your cr 250 uses a 2.15

The tire on the rear rim that I bought is the same size, & width as the one on my existing 01 rear rim. What I'm saying is that the Excel rear rim is the same width as my factory rear rim.


On the front wheel--I also have the '01 wheel spacers but they WILL NOT work with the Talon hubs. The rubber seal on the Talon hubs is larger in diameter than the factory '01 Honda CR250 seal/collar/spacer so the seal will not mate up with the collar at all. If you try to put the '01 spacer up against the Talon hub you see that the '01 collar is smaller in diameter than the seal and you can see right past the seal to the bearing. So.. I should probably take pictures and post them and then it will all make sense. I think the only solution at this point is to buy a 2nd wheel spacer and have it cut down to fill the gap on the brake rotor side.

Yes, Talon spacers are different than oem.

You need 01 Talon spacers from tucker rocky

Yes, Talon spacers are different than oem.

You need 01 Talon spacers from tucker rocky

Yup.  I went thru this about ten years back with a set of 97 CR gold Talon hubs trying to fit onto a 03 model.   Figured it out the hardway after trial & error & bought a set of Talon wheel spacers from White Brothers.  They're no longer in business, but can be bought from other distributors.      

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