'07 RM125 Jetting?

Just moved from Sunny and warm Phoenix AZ (1,000ft elevation) to cold North Dakota (2,000ft elevation). Bike runs flawless, throttle is nice and crisp all the way through, even blipping it from idle with no bog. However, it's running too rich, spitting oil out from the header and pipe. What do I need to do to correct this? Bike has FMF sst pipe, shorty silencer, and VForce reeds.

What jet is in it now? Jake has a 360 main clip 2nd from top here in Florida 85 degrees 60% humidity at a whopping 25 feet elevation. Running a tighter and a bit wider squish will have this motor run 1 leaner than stock. The 95 degrees 60+% humidity it had a 350 main and needle in 2nd from top. Mix at 30 to 1

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