Yz 295 dyno graph

Does any body have a dyno graph showing a yz 295 with more better power vs a stock yz 250 ? i would also like to see a dyno graph of a yz 250 with with fmf fatty pipe and yz 250 with more better port job. Will a 295 make it an hour on stock gas tank with a novice rider?

I'm no help on the dyno charts, would like to see the same thing myself. 


Yes, a YZ250 will go an hour on the stock tank. Are you planning on racing a GP?

unless it had a stock well jetted yz250 run on the same dyno befor the 295, it means nothing.

I can tell you from the seat of the pants dyno. Its love at first time twisting of the throttle. It has grunt from idle up, wanna go warp speed just twist the throttle a lil more. Its so user friendly it should be against the law.....

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