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Hello all,


I'm looking to buy a dirt bike! I used to ride about 6/7 years ago on a kx65. I quit though after an injury, but I am looking to start back up. I'm 16 now, and I weigh ~135 pounds and my height is 5'7". I was thinking of buying a 125, but my dad suggested otherwise. Could someone help with input figure out what is truly right for me!



Flyon420 :)

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Depends upon what your looking for.


125 will cost less to maintain, funner to ride in my opinion, will wear you out much faster


250 will cost more to maintain, plus the labor is more extensive, easier to ride (tractable power), won't wear you out as fast.



I have a 125 and a 250f. I can turn faster lap times on the 250f and ride for longer before I'm worn out. Problem is, I can't afford the cost of a rebuild compared to my 125. Suspension works better on 4t's too, which helps keep your endurance and speed up. The 125 is also lighter which has its advantages.


So for me it really boils down to money, if I was made of money, i'd be riding/racing a 250f for sure, but thats not the case so I stick with the 125. Like I said, its funner to ride IMO, clutching out of every corner, riding at wide open throttle, I love charging jumps and riding WOT up the face to clear it and then having to brake tap to bring the nose down. Yeah thats a little bit sketchier, but like I said, its fun having to work for every bit of speed.


And most importantly I forgot, I get lazy on the 4t and my technique falls apart quick because it puts the power to the ground so easy. On the 125, my finger never leaves the clutch (in turn it helps me ride with the other finger over the brake always), I hold on to the bike for dear life with my legs, and I have to be super conscious about body position to keep my balance and traction right.

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