My 03 cr250r specs and questions

Ok guys here are my specs and my main question is the ring end gap.

So a little background I had my cylinder replated by millenium and sent a brand new wossner piston to them to be sized and fit for plating.

1. My cylinder to wall clearance is (.050 mm) spec is .060-.075 and I am not to worried about this cause I was told during my 3 heat cyles I should gain .010-.015 and this will be very slow break in and ive had good luck with this method. Definetely so not heat the bike up fast at all and low idle.

2. Ring end gap double ring 1 is .009 and the other is .010 the spec is .040-.060 oem I couldnt find wossner specs. So that is quite the difference and even if I gain .010 cylinder to wall that is only .019-020 ring end gap. I like this tight but this might be excessive.

3. So now my exhaust port is relieved .050-.060 with spec at .040-.060 so this gives me some Le way. Also my piston has 2 lubrication holes now so this should keep the bridge within temp.

Thanks guys

My main concern is a ring snagging the bridge from the end gap if you feel this will be ok at .019 which it will be after break in I will run it. Thanks

Ok for some reason I cant edit my tooic so I will correct it here. The ring end gap spec is .016 to .022 where mine is .009 to .010 so I am off at least .007 so I think I should be ok hut let me know

.009 and .010 are tighter clearances than .016-.022.  I would file the rings to get them to .016 before assembling that motor.

Yeah I will have to goto the shop tomorrow and have them file some off for me I dont have the right file for the job mine are to coarse.

Ok I got my rings to .012 and went with this number. I did my math and my cylinder measured 66.4 the divided 25.4 and got 2.614 and then multiplied .004 and this netted .010 so I feel I would probably be safe running the .012 because after break in I should be at .016 to .019 I figure. I will give this a go. I am more confident now then I was before. I was afraid the rings might rub but after my math I feel confident. Thanks guys for the help and convincing me to take a little off the rings.

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