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WR400 shutting down when driving

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Hey everyone, in a bit of a bind and could really use some technical help :)


Bought a '98 WR400 recently and added the 426 carb because of the older

slide problem. The bike starts first kick with a few squirts of the accelerator

pump but not with choke on. Is this normal? It will run fine..until.....



after a few min the idle speed will decrease so when I come to a stop light it will die out if I don't adjust the idle screw. Also last time I had it out I was driving around 3-4000 rpm and the 

bike just shut down..like an ignition problem since it wouldn't start until it cooled down

a bit..is there an easy way to check the spark when warm? (without removing the tank).


I tired loosening the fuel cap when driving and checked carb vent hoses to

see if there was a kink, no luck.


I really appreciate any input to help me get this beast back on the road :)

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