Yz250 Wiseco crank review?

I recently bought a Wiseco crank off of eBay for under $200. I thought I got a good deal, but then my mechanic tells me that they are junk. Should I just buy an OEM or hot Rod crank now and just get it over with. Or would I be fine running the Wiseco crank with the timing retarded 4°. Do any of you guys have any experience with the Wiseco crank in your two strokes?

I'm running a wiseco in my 06. It was put in at the end of last season has around 40-50 hours on it (a guess with no hour meter) so far with zero problems. Also I race this bike and ride it pretty damn hard...I like to rev :D....so its held up fine for me. I too have heard the horror stories about them but got a good deal on it and I would buy another. Maybe all the crap you hear about them not turning true is from a bad batch that someone was working on a friday afternoon and was about to check out and say fu#% this job and just let ever one go thru lol. I'm sure OEM is probably the most reliable but if already bought a wiseco I would run it..OEM is expensive. And as far as hot rods I mean isn't that kinda the same deal...they may not have as many horror stories but aren't they made in Taiwan jus like wiseco cranks? Also why the 4 degrees retarded?

Hot Rods for me. The low price of the bottom end kit on ebay was appealing when I was rebuilding my whole bike. But a quick youtube search had me second guessing as machine shops were demonstrating out of tolerance Wiseco cranks straight from the box. I read that they worked on these defects and have improved them, but I've never heard the same complaints about Hot Rods or OEM. I was rebuilding my whole bike and last thing I wanted to do was skimp $40 and have to do everything again because I put poor quality performance parts in. Hot Rods for me. They may have improved though.

Okay thank you for the replies. and I was going to retard it 4° to stop the detonation problems that may have made the other cranks go bad in the past. I read a thread about it. But if your 06 runs fine then I don't see why mine wouldn't. And also, did you have to make sure your crank was true before you put it in?

Wiseco cranks are junk. Ive seen 5-6 destroyed. The last where the plastic stuffer broke and as result broke both cases and had get cylinder welded. Work done from several different shops and myself so assembly is out

Okay thank you for the replies. and I was going to retard it 4° to stop the detonation problems that may have made the other cranks go bad in the past. I read a thread about it. But if your 06 runs fine then I don't see why mine wouldn't. And also, did you have to make sure your crank was true before you put it in?

No I didnt check mine I guess I figured I'd rather not think too much into it. People can say what they want about them but I figured as good as their name is for their top ends, how bad could the bottom ends be that would risk getting a bad name. Mines done well for me so far so I can't say anything bad. I can say that I had an OEM in b4 the wiseco and I don't notice any added vibration or any other significant difference anywhere.

And as for 4 degrees retarded I really don't think goin 4 would be necessary seems most are fine mixing in a little race gas and only retarding 2 or even 1 degree. Of course mine probably wouldn't detonate on some crap 87 because I've got the Rob designs squish head mod, mix in race gas, and retarded mine 2 degrees..

O and something to keep in mind is that with the same marks used as OEM crank your wiseco or even hot rods crank won't be the same on stock marks.. there usually around 4-5 degrees more retarded from the get go. So you'll need to adjust for that if u want stock timing. For example when input mine in then lined up the marks...where my old crank was around .007 my wiseco was like .0001. I llbelieve it has something to do with a different position of the woodruff key that aligns the flywheel on them. No big just gong to be really mellow if u don't adjust. Lol

I have one in each of my YZ's and no problems either. I have overheated one bike to the point the kill switch doesnt work and once the bike cooled the bike was perfect. If you follow your manual and set the timing it will be right. Dont go off of old marks. The keyway is off from stock.

A TT user, "Mr. Wiseco"  or some similar user name used to contribute to many of these threads.  If he saw a thread about Wiseco products, he would comment.   I assume it was a sanctioned thing from the Wiseco corporation.  I haven't seen him on TT for a long time.  Maybe he got tired of trying to swim upstream.  I'd like to see him come back.

BTW- I just searched all users and there still is a "Wiseco" user member in TT.  I'm sure that's him because his web site is Wiseco.com.

 wish he'd show up more often.  He hasn't been on TT since June.

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I blew up my oem crank in less than a full season, my bike is a 2013. Yeah, it is a bit weird that wiseco has a bad rep for bottom ends. I just don't want too put garbage in my bike. I'd rather have an oem at this point. You get what you pay for. But I think I'm going too run the wiseco for a season, I already bought it and returning stuff is a hassle and a waste of money. And if you guys run them in your yz's without trouble. Then idk why mine wouldn't run fine also.

Zach, What kind of oil are you using? What ratio? Did you suck any dirt thru the intake? Do you pressure wash your airbox? These are all factors in a bottom end wearing out prematurely.


Or do you just ride a lot!!!! :ride:  :ride:  :ride:

I go practice at a sand pit just about every night. And I use amsoil, my mechanic also told me this was junk also. And I didn't wash out my air box regularly.

Ratio is 40:1

Not washing the air box and riding a lot is probably what did it. And my mechanic said amsoil didn't help it any.

I bought one for my big bore and WR project, had it checked and welded by an old toolmaker who restores british bikes for fun, he did the job and told me he didn't need to bump it as it was under 1 and 1/2 thou as was.....


Never had a crank that accurate straight up... usually 2-3 thou at least....


swinging a 75.5 mm slug off it, so I am hoping all is well... :thumbsup:

I think it's the other way around! I think pressure washing your airbox is a very, very bad idea!! In your case, the crank probably just had a lot of hours on it.

Yeah I rode the bike a lot, doing motos at a sand pit on a dusty track every time I rode it basically

I have wiseco crank number 3 in my bike, I change cranks every 200 hrs.

Issues seem to come from bad installation and bad maintenance.

Follow the manual with timing, don't go by the marks.

Thanks for the input guys! This is going too be my first rebuild btw. I've only done research about it (a couple hours).But I'm going too have my grandfather help me and for a 2nd set of eyes. Too make sure we don't miss anything important.

I have sold over 250 wiseco cranks this year with a total of 4 problems out of this 3 of which where installation error.

have one in my 250 well over 50 hours, with zero problems.

Could it be that when you buy one, it's mandatory to take it to a machinist or engine rebuilder and quickly check the crank for runout?  if you're a regular customer, they'd probably do it for free and maybe this would catch some of these things that shorten the life for some cranks.

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