Anyone have Gaerne gx- 1 boots?

Thinking about buying these next week for $175 anyone like or dislike these?

I loved them. They fit my foot perfectly and they are nice and wide for wide feet. They give good structure and the best of all they are Italian made. Great boots, great price.

Thinking about buying these next week for $175 anyone like or dislike these?


I like mine but am thinking about going back to sg 10s or 12s mainly for calf adjustment with a knee brace I have to wear

I have the g-reacts

By far the most attractive comfortable boot.

Got mine for $230 shipped to my door, price match, revzilla

The GX-1's are the best boots under $200, hands down.

Have 2 seasons on mine.  They are nice and wide.  I bought my regular shoe size and then put a insole in to tighten them up to my liking, also made them more comfortable.  They've held up extremely well, other than the small hole in my inner right ankle from hitting my footpeg when I kick start, but that's operator error.

My dad has a pair and he said they r really good boots real comfy and protective

Love them very much! Bought them back in march, I think they are still as good as new. only thing I hate, and it's my fault, I put a hole in the side of them, from the footpeg when I kick my bike over. they have so much protection, I never realized I was hitting them against the peg, now there is a hole, and I need to fill it with some epoxy. I washed them many times with this hole, and it doesn't seem like it leaks through very good, so they keep dry still. I encourage you to get them.

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