YZ 250 2009 FORK

Hello everyone

I just bought a YZ 250 2T 2009. I took it for a ride at the woods (I think my most rides will be woods riding) and I found that the fork its too hard for that riding. So I think I need a revalving...


Can anyone have a suggestion of the shim stack that I can use?


I am about 80Kg (without gear) and the terrain has a lot of roots and rocks (maybe mud some times), with some technical stuff and some fast ride.


I dont know if you need more info.



I am almost the same weight. I took 10cc out of the forks and it is perfect. No need for a revalve.

Only 10cc oil out of the outer chamber? And its ok?

Why I think I need more to do?

Try going to the minimum oil amount of 300 and see if you still need a revalve

Ok. I will try it right now

I am by no means a suspension expert. But when I had my fork seals replaced I had my local shop leave 10cc out and it made the forks feel much better. I ride in the woods mostly too.

So...I removed the oil from outer chamber and put back the minimum amount (300cc Maxima 5wt). Took it for a ride and I saw difference but only a little. The fork is still hard. Its revalving the next step?

Yes it is

Can you give me a little help? I need a suggestion of the shim stack.

Take one of the biggest shims off themidvalve

And nothing else on the basevalve?

First of all I doubt that you will transform a mx fork into a woods fork by draining 10ml of oil.


Softening the mid as mog suggested is a big step and will soften the fork significantly.


However, you have to remove the bleedstack on the basevalve and use a spacer to provide proper oilflow. You could also flip the bleedstack.

This will make the fork much more responsive to small stuff.


If you want it even softer you can ditch a couple of faceshims on the base and/or use a 24.1 crossover after 3-10 faceshims.

Yes it all depends on how far you need to go , as the other rider showed he could ride a MX fork in woods , some need a full soft woods some don't

It mostly depends on the kind of woods riding he does.

Woods riding can be defined in various ways. As a consequence the setups vary a lot.

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