DRZ400E Fork Seals

Hello everyone,


Not an overly difficult question, but one I haven't found the answer to.


49mm Showas, Right way up forks. When replacing the seals, is it neccessary to remove the base valve and cartridge, or can the seals be replaced simply by removing the cap, spring. damper rod, dust seal, retainer clip, and then slide hammering apart like a normal cartridge fork?


Thanks in advance


Yes no need to completely disassemble

Thanks Mog.

On most open chamber forks, there is no need to remove the cartridge. Just the cap and spring and then the tubes can be split.


On the RWU forks, you can replace the seal without even removing the cap and springs.  You can just remove the circlip and hydraulic the seal out.


But 99.9% of the time, when the fork seals need to be replaced, the forks need servicing.  It only takes a few extra seconds to remove the cartridge, which will then allow you to get rid of all the dirty oil before refilling with fresh stuff.


Remember that in OC forks, all the sludge builds up at the bottom of the fork.  The only effective way to clean this is to remove the compression assembly and cartridge.

Thanks Dave.

Thats some helpful info right there. Particularly about being able to hydraulic them out without pulling them down if required. I also totally agree with you regarding taking the time to pull them down to clean and inspect them properly. It was more so just a question that kept floating around in my mind which I couldn't find an answer to.


Thanks again everyone.

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