Autum Fun Enduro - New video by lefa25

Got my new video to YouTube. Do you guys like it? Something to improve? 

It's a good video! Was that all shot with a newer style GoPro? The quality was great!

I can't wait to go back to Finland. The trees and lakes remind me of riding in the socal mountains. I'll bet when the colors change in the trees it's amazing.


Hay Hay summer! (goodbye summer)


It's great to see other Finns posting here (I am only 1/2 Finish, we just discovered and met a bunch of distant relatives near Helsinki)

Thanks!Yeah it was taken mostly with the Hero3. Yeah, the colors are amazing! 

I like the rear facing tire angle.

I like the rear facing tire angle.

I like it also but GoPro got hit by a rock and the glass was broken. Pics at Lefa's Facebook page, if you are interested.

Gotta get me one! It's good to document and share

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