Another XR going to heaven :(

Hi all


Just come out of hospital, woman pulled out in front of us.


I think i wont see bike again because damage to front wheel, folks etc which im really gutted about because its only done 5,500km and i think the repair bill will exceed the £1,000 i paid for the bike.


Not sure what i can do regarding getting bike back and repairing it myself, i can imagine insurance will just want to write it off but has tremendos sentimental value


Anyway a pic for you  :thumbsup:

Hope everyone is recovering, nothing serious.  I know in the US insurance companies will allow the current owner the option of purchasing the totaled vehicle for a percentage of the value written to the owner, I have done this twice with automobiles.  When the repairs were complete the vehicles must pass a safety inspection and the new ownership title reflects that the vehicle is from salvage.  Sounds like it could be a great winter project  :)

pic i think this will work sorry



If the frame and headset is still straight bent forks and wheel are easy to replace. 

if you can get it cheap enough, even if it cannot be repaired economically,  you can part it out for money to help with your next ride.

Thanks for good wishes


Ive fractured collar bone and 3 ribs etc im sure bike is alot better off than me cos there suppose to be thrown around lol


Not seen bike yet but will go and see it (take pics) waiting for insurance exam to see extent of damage, although only travelling 20/25mph rang garage says forks/wheel/disc.


Been on flea bay can i use forks off xr400 and what other can i use as not much on for xr250r

Would like to get it back as very rare for decent one and it was like it has just come out of the box all standard and treated like a baby lol


Thanks for support, will keep you posted (if there is any interest)

as was said unless the steering head is bent - you can replace the triple trees and forks / wheel...

I'd be interested in the engine if you're parting it out.


i snapped triples and whole front end off the bike...  got a whole wheel rim forks triples and steering stem used for like $250... was riding in no time!

I'd be interested in the engine if you're parting it out.


I'm guessing shipping from the UK would be a bit steep.


Steve, nice looking bike, fix it if you have the option.

I have an entire front end for sale, shipping might be expensive though.

Thank you for your kind offer "Mudguy" but i think the postage/import etc would kill my wallet lol.

Been down to garage where the bike got recovered and just a quick scan of damage:-


Front wheel (dint & spokes broke)

Maybe front forks (look little twisted)

front disc (bent)

brake leaver (broke)

front light etc ok


So all inall looks very good certainly not a write off, these bikes are supposed to be dropped etc


I have instructed garage to return bike to my house at my cost because insurance will only pay once for bike to be recovered from accident scene :(


i have to get a garage to call to get estimate of damage because insurance wanted to collect bike themselves and send it to a salvage yard location somewhere in uk which im most certain would of written it off and prob not see it again.


Sat waiting for bike now have to take pics of damage for ins so will post on here


Again many thanks

Sorry to hear you were injured.

Handlebars and rear subframe are most likely items to bend. Pull the tank, seat, and headlight to inspect for damage. Assume the triples are cracked and frame bent until you prove they are not.

Hopefully you get back on the road soon.

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Hi all got bike back to my garage and taken some pics for you to have a look :)


Could you have a look at the front wheel for us; I know it might be difficult to see but do you think I could have the front wheel re-built or do you think its too far gone.

There are no cracks in rim or hub and no kinks/dints in rim also, the tyre seems to of taken most of the impact. About 5 spokes broke


Also how much does it cost to have the forks straightened? Had a look at them not 100% if bent but certainly dont have any kinks in them


Many thanks

BIKE 1s.jpg

BIKE 2s.jpg

BIKE 3s.jpg

BIKE 4s.jpg

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