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Need help with wiring dual sport kit

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Hey everyone.  I bought this kit of ebay and it came without instructions.  I think it is all here but need a little guidance.  I think I've got all the plugs going to the right places, just need to know about power and a few other mystery wires.

Here's it all laid out on my bench:


I assume the fused wire goes to battery +12V and the other black to ground, the 2 others bundles, I have no clue.


These 2 come off the handle bar switch, I have no clue where these go.


Finally, I assume these go to the rear signals since they have a double pigtail on them?



Anybody out there that can give me a clue??


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Pretty sure the fused line goes between the regulater and battery. 

The blue and the black replace the kill switch, so they plug into the bike wiring to be controlled by the new switch.

 Rear signals for sure.

 The other front wires probably horn and ? , turn signals be matching pair like the rears. 
Looks like Baja Designs stuff, you can get a wiring diagram (install manual) on their site. If it's not theirs (pretty sure) then Tusk at Rocky Mountain ATV, again manual online. 

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