Neck Brace recommendation

Hey Ladies,

I am looking for a neck brace and was curious what other ladies have, what they like and works.

My chest protection is a I love this but it is not compatible with the Alpinestars bionic neck support systems.

Not sure what my options are?



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 I wear the the Leatt with the 661 pressure suit ;)



I have an EVS Evo but I don't think they make them anymore. Looks like the Leatt adventure but was cheaper. The reason I chose the EVO is that I have a long neck and it was the only brace that actually allowed for that properly. The Leatt adventure was too short.

It's more comfortable than I thought it would be but definitely still noticeable. I haven't worn it on trail this summer but will put it back on for Baja riding next month.

I've also worn the RC2 which is just a collar but if it fits you (shorter neck) I think it's still better than nothing and not noticeable when wearing. The theory is that riders will likely shrug when they take a fall (in many falls anyway) and that helps to seat you helmet and thus take impact through the shoulders/traps/neck, versus just the neck. Also, if you've extra lucky and your helmet slightly rests on it it'll take the weight off your neck and share it through a larger area again.

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