07 Kx250f

Bike had 81% on leak down test. Replaced entire top end and started right up! Broke it in with a few rides ran great super strong then one day at the track started sputtering and died, pushed it to the truck and back to the shop we went! Said the CDI was bad so I bought another threw it in an started right up! One day I randomly threw the old CDI in because I was curious and it started too.. So the old CDI couldn't be bad.. I'm stumped here. I don't know what else to check if it's electrical or what I have 2 CDI's both start the bike but it will run high RPM's with choke on and I turn it off and it idles normal for bout 3 seconds and dies.. Help?!?

It took talking to a kawasaki engineer on the phone for my shop to figure out the contacts on the cdi connection were corroded. Cleaned them and good as new. Mine had the symptoms of a bad stator.

Okay I'll try that thanks!!

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