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1994 Honda CR250R Supermoto Conversion

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Hey guys, just joined the forum and should have a long time ago. I hve a 1994 CR250R and I blew the engine beyond repair (so Honda says) and am looking to put either a brand new motor in, locate another motor (which is turning into a nightmare) or thinking of dropping a 4stroke 250 motor in.

My question is, is it possible to put a newer motor into the 94' steel frame?

I also love the 94' CR250 so much that once I blew the one, I went out and bought another one which I just rebuilt the top in and rides like a dream. So since I have the other bike and all the parts I'm rebuilding it but into a supermoto.

Anything helps, I attaches 2 photos of the bikes. One of the newer one I ride in the dirt, and the one I blew and am going to rebuild. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380906839.142473.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380906867.539956.jpg

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What makes the motor beyond repair?


Well I couldnt see and didnt notice that the cylinder head had been cracked and re welded when i purchsed that first bike. I only noticed when I pulled the motor out myself and took it apart. What happened was the piston had exploded, when I say exploded, it was 100's of peices scattered through out the engine and jammed up the crank shaft, transmission and everything. So I cleaned everything out rebuilt it put in a new piston and all, couldnt get the bike to run...was fed up and needed the bike fixed faster than I had time to do so i took it to Honda, they had it for over 3 months...I called everyday to see if they had any news, every time I called they said they have not pulled it apart yet blah blah same story everytime. Then after the 3 months they called and said they got the engine back together and said all the bearings inside the engine they could pull out with their fingers (which shouldnt happen) and that the cases are all cracked and re-welded, and they just made a ton of excuses....my dad and I are thinking that they just tossed the engine back together it didnt fire so they just said its not worth the repair and just didnt want to deal with it.....So that being said I persoanlly cant see the whole engine being scrap, I might just need a couple new casings. But still I much rather get a new motor built, or try to convert it into a 250-4 so I dont have anymore 2-stroke pistons exploding on me.

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