Bought 2 stroke. What are those things under handlebars?

Hey guys.

Sorry if it seems stupid or something. But i bought a new (used) bike and realised that it has some sords of "dampers" under the bars, cause this bike has absolutely no vibration at all. When i was reading reviews about big 2strokes, most people said they have lots of vibration...or are they just bar risers? Cause they seem so big and chunky for just risers...

I have a temptation to remove them, cause they are good 2-3cm high, or would they change the handling of the bike dramatically?

Btw, the bike is KTM 300exc if it matters.


They just look like bar risers.... home made at that... I doubt they take out any vibration if they aren't rubber mounted.


My 300Xc-w didn't have bad vibration. what year? because my old 2 strokes had bad vibration but they have gotten better over the years

Bike 2010 made.

So you say bar risers... They are really quality made. All machined, smooth edges, nice bolt holes and eveything.

Would it make huge difference if i would remove them and it would lower my front end aprox. 3cm?

Dunno about quality made, he holes are not even centered. Its just for rider comfort. You can remove them.

Those are home made. I would at a minimum take them apart and inspect everything you dont know if the mounting bolts are long enough or even bent or cracked. You don't want to find out on a ride when something breaks

Ok. Thanks guys. ill ride with and without them to see the difference.

Removing them will only lower the bars the thickness of the spacers.

I would remove them , looks like a Hack Job .

and negatively effects handling. 

wow, no words....

Wow, a lot of criticism :D

i actually understand why they are there, the buy before me who rode the bike was a pretty huge and fast rider and maybe he needed that height or handling tweak.

Buy yes, for me they are disturbing, so i will remove them.

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