Cannot get bike started!

icon_minipost.gifPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:55 am    Post subject: Can't get bike started! icon_quote.gif icon_edit.gif icon_delete.gif So I just replaced my valves on my 06 crf250r and I have put everything back together and cannot get it to start. I have checked the timing and shimming multiple times and everything is to spec, I have spark and new gas, and I just cleaned the pilot jet. 

Before cleaning the jet I could get it to turn over for about a half second before it would die out but only with the choke off and holding the hot start lever. After cleaning it I turned the gas and choke on and it started for about a second first kick then died now it is doing the exact same thing that it did before. 


1. Do you think that I could have missed some particles when cleaning the jet and that is why it start for a second then possibly got clogged back up? 

2. Possibly running to rich and is flooding it, hence the reason it will only turn over with hot start lever? If so, how do I adjust it? 

3. Any other possible solutions that I am missing?


Do a compression check, the new valves may not be sealing on the valve seat. If you have good compression, try a bigger pilot jet.

I would start by taking the carb off  and clean it really good and make sure the float is set correctly. Also check to make sure ALL the hole in the slow jet are clear. I had a hard start problem after I had my motor rebuilt recently. I did a quick cleaning of the carb and put it back together but I still had a hard time starting it. Took the carb completely apart, cleaned and inspected everything. Runs good now. When I cleaned it a second time I found some dirt in the pilot jet so maybe that's what your problem is. If its not then you eliminated dirt in the carb. Then like already stated,  try a bigger pilot jet.

Thanks for the input, I took the carb off and cleaned everything (even the float valve seal not knowing it destroys the seal). Anyways, I put the carb back on and it starts up and runs now just cant get it to idle my guess is main problem is that seal which I'm ordering. I currently have a 172 main jet and 50 pilot jet and I am at 2100 feet and I have my fuel screw 3 turns out I'm not to knowledgeable about jetting for different elevations would anyone be able to recommend a general area of what sizes I should be at for my jets?

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