Chain adjustment procedure,? chain stretch?

Apparently my chain has stretched so much that the cam adjusters do not fully remedy the slack, if I brace my feet against the swing arm and pull the wheel back it tightens the chain but how does one then tighten the axle nuts to maintain it if both feet and arms are occupied, or is this a two man operation?

Or is it simply time for a new chain or link removal?

Old way of testing chains was to pull it from the bike,,connection link removed. Pick the chain up in your hand and roll it onto it's side while holding it in the air..The amount of sideways droop you see tells you whether you need a new chain or not..Knowing what's acceptable and what's not is an experience thing..The Droopometer is what it's called..


Why don't you just use the adjusters as they are meant to be used,,by turning the cam or bolt adjuster to take up the slack..Bike up on a box,,axle bolt loosish..adust adjuster cams..Drop bike from box,,Tighten large nut,,Sit on the bike and put your hand down under lowest part of the chain..(beneath swingarm)..lift up..Should be a good inch of movement without your having to strain pulling the chain up..Adjust things to suit as tightening the axle bolt tightens the chain up some more from when the axle is loose

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Most likely need a new chain. Another test is to lift the chain up at the rear of the rear sprocket, it should not lift more than half a tooth high off the sprocket. If chain is not worn out, remove a link.

if you loosen the adjusters and axle nut you can just tap on the snail adjusters with a hammer or similar to move it in it's arc of movement to increase the tension on the chain (pull the wheel back) as the fatter part of the snail is engaged. Just make sure to do both sides to the same point. 

 But it sounds like it's new chain time (get sprockets too if worn)

I know how to use the cam adjusters, but they are so far out that it worries me. A riding friend has a 2005..his cam setting is 20...mine is out at 40. It just seemed waaayto far out, I thought that I was misadjusting..Why not just take a couple links out? Chain appears to be in good shape, as are sprockets...use chain lube regularly. Anyway...I thought I was missing something..but apparently just seems odd .

My adjuster was way out with a 14-tooth front sprocket and the stock 45-tooth rear.  When I stick my other set of wheels on the bike with the 48-tooth rear the adjuster is near the front.


As for telling if the chain has stretched too much, try to pull the chain away from the sprocket at the very back.  If you can see light between the chain and sprocket, it is probably too stretched.

Count links , do you have the proper length chain on your bike?

take a link out. 

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