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Question re: buying converted dirt bike in CA

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking at a converted DR350 in California (picture of CL add attached):


1) He says the bike was converted "more than 10 years ago" (says he doesn't know the exact date as the previous owner did it), making it 1 year before the 2004 cutoff date. I'm afraid of buying the bike then getting a letter saying it didn't pass emissions and to take it off the road etc. Does anyone have experience buying a converted dirt bike, how did the title transfer and reg go?


2) Because it is a conversion bike he cannot give me a mileage, and says "low hours." How, if at all, does this effect registration (odometer reporting is required, right?)


3) Is this a fair price for the 1994? It has a 440 kit, something I had planned on doing anyway, so that's cool. What should I be on the look out for?


Absolutley anything else you guys personally would ask PLEASE POST HERE, I have never purchased a bike before and this will be my first one, I am trying to do it right!


Thank you!




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