DRZ125L rear wheel

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this.


I bought a DRZ125L 03 model this past weekend and I thought it needed just a carburetor and some rear wheel spacers. Well after I mounted a new tire and tube and went to put on the rear wheel with my new spacers I noticed the rear wheel is not the right model. It is about 1.5" to narrow for the swing-arm. This is also after I sold my KX100 bikes and all parts with them. I am sure one of those rear disc setups could have been fabricated to fit on there. But they are long gone now. It is also the first time I have ever needed something and after a weeks worth of ebay shopping there are none out there. I have looked everywhere.


I need a rear wheel for this bike I saw allot of guys doing the KX swing-arm mod so I am wondering if someone has one for sale. I am planning on selling it so I don't want to dump a bunch of money and my fabrication time into welding and machining a custom wheel setup.


So if anyone has a DRZ125L 16" rear wheel or even just the hub please email me at jgibmotoss@msn.com


If you know someone please help spread the word I even bought new pasd bearings and brake rod for the wheel which I don't have. Thanks, Jeff.

These bikes seem to have a problem with rear hubs cracking so finding good rear hubs it difficult and new ones are $$"s . You might want to try making the one you have work .  

Keep looking. I sold the 14" rear wheel with a dent in the rim that could hold a grape fruit and still have room to spare for $100 years ago.

Take the swing arm and the wheel to a machine shop, see if they can make you spacers.

I am making the wheel work I have a machine shop and have built 7 ground up including the frame bikes ( choppers ). SO It is easy for me to make things work and fabricate items. But the wheel on it was way out of wack and  I broke another spoke trying to true it. But after allot of searching and a few casting numbers on the drum hub I found it was a XR100 wheel. So I ordered new SS HD spoke kit for it and I already have it spaced to fit. Had to add extra to the brake stop tab and make spacers. The sprockets are in line and the drum works and the wheel is only maybe 1/4" to the left of the center of the frame. It should be fine for a 10hp trail bike that will never see over 45mph. I just can't sell something that I have rebuilt or restored saying it runs great but it needs a rear wheel or just passing a problem on to someone else. Every ATV or motorcycle I have sold has been ready to ride no problems even the smallest finicky part that's not in good working order gets on my nerves. It was just a bad day once I found they were hard to find and I had just sold 3 KX big wheel rolling chassis about 3 months prior. Thanks for the input.


I found a local 14" rim in great shape but buying that and the spoke kit for 16" was twice as much as a new SS spoke kit for the XR wheel. I also know from personal knowledge xr100 are tough as heck. Everything else is cleaned new and ready to go.

So im having the same problem. My hub is messed up and my rim is bent and spokes are missing.  Some sold this to me and said it just needs a rear rim.  Can i just buy a kx100 16" rim and put it on? This is my first bike so i don't knw much

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